Academic Institution Site Licenses

UK Institutions

Please note that all UK further education and higher-education subscriptions are handled by JISC.

Prices in pounds sterling. No VAT is payable (1).

JISC Band Higher-Education Institutions 2002-15
j 210
i 210
h 270
g 330
f 480
e 620
d 750
c 960
b 1150
a 1350
JISC Band Further Education Institutions 2002-15
j 100
i 100
h 100
g 110
f 160
e 207
d 250
c 320

(1) [In November 2013 our accountants received an HMRC ruling that no VAT is chargeable on our UK subscriptions. This is because the VAT threshold is determined by adding total receipts from institutional subscriptions in the UK to total EU receipts from individuals. Since international subscriptions are not included for the calculation of the VAT threshold, The Literary Encyclopedia will remain exempt from VAT for the foreseeable future.]