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Bartalesi-Graf, Daniela Show Articles Wellesley College
Bartley, Aryn Show Articles Michigan State University
Bassanese, Fiora A. Show Articles University of Massachusetts Boston
Batchelor, Jennie Show Articles University of Kent
Batchelor, Kathryn Show Articles University of Nottingham
Bather, Philippa Show Articles University College London
Battaglia, Diana Rosa   University of Leeds
Battigelli, Anna   SUNY Plattsburgh
Baudry, Hervé Show Articles University of Coimbra
Baugh, Edward Show Articles University of West Indies at Mona
Baum, Robert   River Valley Community College
Bauman, Susan R. Show Articles Campion College, University of Regina
Baumer, Jason Show Articles Purdue University
Bautz, Annika Show Articles University of Plymouth
Baxter, Jeannette Show Articles Anglia Ruskin University
Bayer, Gerd Show Articles Erlangen University
Baynham, Elizabeth   University of Newcastle
Beales, Brodie Show Articles Flinders University
Beatson, Peter Show Articles Massey University
Beaulieu, Derek   Mount Royal University

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