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Owen, Jim Show Articles Columbus State University
Grollman, Stephen Show Articles Concordia College
Huffman, Bennett Show Articles Concordia University
Little, Edward Show Articles Concordia University
Marcotte, Sophie Show Articles Concordia University
Rowley, Alison Show Articles Concordia University
Bell, Melanie Show Articles Concordia University
Roberts, Lorne   Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)
Gallego, Maria Angeles Show Articles Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
Hyman, Erin Williams Show Articles Cornell University
Holst-Warhaft, Gail Show Articles Cornell University
Schwarz, Daniel R. Show Articles Cornell University
Kolias, Helen Show Articles Cornell University
Kennedy, William J. Show Articles Cornell University
Levitt, Caroline   Courtauld Institute, London
Eisenhauer, Drew   Coventry University London Campus
Jastal, Jacek Show Articles Cracow University of Technology
Greetham, David Show Articles CUNY Graduate Center
Anne, Barbeau Gardiner Show Articles CUNY, John Jay College
Wunker, Erin   Dalhousie University

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