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Literary Translation T
Early English Bible Translations 800 - 1000 T
John Wyclif translates the Bible into English 1380 T Note
Translation of Ptolemy's Geography 1406 T Note
The New Testament becomes available in English 1526 T Note
Lives of the Saints (Aelfric) 993 W
Handlyng Synne (Robert Mannyng) 1303 W
New Testament of the Bible (William Tyndale) 1525 W
The Householder’s Philosophy (Thomas Kyd) 1588 W
Lucan's First Book (Christopher Marlowe) 1593 W
All Ovid's Elegies (Christopher Marlowe) 1594 W
Poems, with the Tenth Satire of Juvenal Englished (Henry Vaughan) 1646 W
Olor Iscanus, or The Swan of Usk (Henry Vaughan) 1651 W
Flores Solitudinus (Henry Vaughan) 1654 W
Fables Ancient and Modern (John Dryden) 1700 W
Wilhelm Master's Apprenticeship [translation] (Thomas Carlyle) 1824 W
La Guzla, ou Choix de poésies illyriques, recueillies dans la Dalmatie, la Bosnie, La Croatie et l'Hertzégowine (Prosper Mérimée) 1825 W
Wilhelm Master's Travels [translation] (Thomas Carlyle) 1827 W
Strauss's Life of Jesus (George Eliot) 1846 W
Feuerbach's Essence of Christianity (George Eliot) 1854 W

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