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Appreciations: with an Essay on Style (Walter Pater) 1889 W
Speculations (T. E. Hulme) 1906 W
Georgian Poetry 1911-1912 (Edward Marsh) 1912 W
Notes on Language and Style (T. E. Hulme) 1917 W
Movements in European History (D. H. Lawrence) 1921 W
Seven Pillars of Wisdom (T. E. Lawrence) 1926 W
Time and Western Man (Wyndham Lewis) 1927 W
A Room of One's Own (Virginia Woolf) 1929 W
Abinger Harvest (E. M. Forster) 1936 W
The Road to Wigan Pier (George Orwell) 1937 W
Homage to Catalonia (George Orwell) 1938 W
Three Guineas (Virginia Woolf) 1938 W
Inside the Whale (George Orwell) 1940 W
Two Cheers for Democracy (E. M. Forster) 1951 W
The Outsider (Colin Wilson) 1956 W
Religion and the Rebel (Colin Wilson) 1957 W
The Two Cultures: And A Second Look (C. P. Snow) 1959 W
The Strength to Dream: literature and the imagination (Colin Wilson) 1962 W
Origins of the Sexual Impulse (Colin Wilson) 1963 W
Beyond the Outsider: the philosophy of the future (Colin Wilson) 1965 W

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