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Alienation effect [Verfremdungseffekt] 1900 T Note
Ambiguity 500 T
Bathos 1700 T Note
Carnival, Carnivalesque, Carnivalisation T
Catharsis T Note
Chronotope T Note
Concordia discors 450 B.C.E. - 1750 T
Cybertextuality 1990 T
Defamiliarisation / Ostranenie 1917 T Note
Dialogism, Dialogical T Note
Diegesis T Note
Dionysius / Dionysiac T Note
Discourse 1950 T
Discourse Networks 1984 T
Egotistical Sublime 1818 T Note
Epiphany T Note
Estrangement Effect [Verfremdungseffekt] 1934 T
Fancy 1740 T Note
Fantastic, The 1772 T
Free indirect discourse 1780 T

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