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Manteo, Agrippino 1884 - 1947 P
First theatre opens 1716 T Note
George Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer is performed 1789 T Note
First theatre opens in Sydney 1796 - 1815 T Note
Theatre Regulation Act 1843 T Note
The New History Play 1930 T
Theatre of the Absurd [Theater of the Absurd] 1945 - 1975 T
Theatre Workshop 1945 - 1973 T Note
British Political Theatre 1960 T Note
Joint Stock Theatre Company 1974 - 1989 T
The National Theatre 1976 T
Tara Arts Theatre Company 1977 T
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre 1996 T
Fables Ancient and Modern (John Dryden) 1700 W
The Way of the World (William Congreve) 1700 W
The Gamester (Susannah Centlivre) 1705 W
The Basset Table (Susannah Centlivre) 1705 W
The Successful Pyrate. A Play. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane (Charles Johnson) 1712 W
The What D'Ye Call It (John Gay) 1715 W
Three Hours After Marriage (John Gay) 1717 W

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