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The Knight of Malta (Beaumont and Fletcher) 1617 W
Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue (Ben Jonson) 1618 W
The Witch of Edmonton (Thomas Dekker) 1621 W
The Witch of Edmonton (John Ford) 1621 W
The Witch of Edmonton (William Rowley) 1621 W
Women Beware Women (Thomas Middleton) 1621 W
The Changeling (Thomas Middleton) 1622 W
The Changeling (William Rowley) 1622 W
The Renegado (Philip Massinger) 1623 W
A Game at Chess (Thomas Middleton) 1625 W
Fair Maid of the West (Thomas Heywood) 1631 W
The Broken Heart (John Ford) 1633 W
'Tis Pity She's a Whore (John Ford) 1633 W
Perkin Warbeck (John Ford) 1634 W
Salmacida Spolia (William D'Avenant) 1639 W
Brennoralt (John Suckling) 1642 W
The Goblins (John Suckling) 1646 W
The Siege of Rhodes part one (William D'Avenant) 1656 W
The Playhouse to be Let (William D'Avenant) 1663 W
The Tempest (John Dryden) 1667 W

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