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The Siege of Rhodes part one (William D'Avenant) 1656 W
The Playhouse to be Let (William D'Avenant) 1663 W
The Tempest (John Dryden) 1667 W
The Forc'd Marriage (Aphra Behn) 1670 W
The Country Wife (William Wycherley) 1675 W
Aureng-Zebe (John Dryden) 1675 W
Alcibiades (Thomas Otway) 1675 W
Don Carlos (Thomas Otway) 1676 W
Abdelazer, or The Moor's Revenge (Aphra Behn) 1676 W
The Rover, or The Banish't Cavaliers (Aphra Behn) 1677 W
The Cheats of Scapin (Thomas Otway) 1677 W
Titus and Berenice (Thomas Otway) 1677 W
All for Love, or The World Well Lost (John Dryden) 1678 W
The History and Fall of Caius Marius (Thomas Otway) 1679 W
The Souldiers Fortune (Thomas Otway) 1680 W
The Atheist (Thomas Otway) 1683 W
Don Sebastian (John Dryden) 1689 W
The Gamester (Susannah Centlivre) 1705 W
The Basset Table (Susannah Centlivre) 1705 W
The Successful Pyrate. A Play. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane (Charles Johnson) 1712 W

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