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Fable 600 B.C.E. T
Tragedy of Fate [Schicksalstragödie] 600 B.C.E. - 1958 T
Origins of Greek Tragedy 580 B.C.E. T
Burlesque 500 B.C.E. T Note
Dirge 500 B.C.E. T Note
Tragedy 500 B.C.E. T
Irony 500 B.C.E. T
Tragicomedy 500 B.C.E. T
Satire 400 B.C.E. T
The Persians (Aeschylus) 472 B.C.E. W
Choephori (Aeschylus) 458 B.C.E. W
The Eumenides (Aeschylus) 458 B.C.E. W
Agamemnon (Aeschylus) 458 B.C.E. W
Oresteia (Aeschylus) 458 B.C.E. W
Suppliant Maidens (Aeschylus) 450 B.C.E. W
Prometheus Bound (Aeschylus) 450 B.C.E. W
Antigone (Sophocles) 440 B.C.E. W
Medea (Euripides) 431 B.C.E. W
Oedipus Tyrannus (Sophocles) 430 B.C.E. W
Hippolytus (Euripides) 428 B.C.E. W

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