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Doubrovsky, Serge 1928 - P
Herr, Michael 1940 - P
Kostash, Myrna 1944 - P
Saviano, Roberto 1979 - P
Italian Hours (Henry James) 1909 W
Die Aeroplane in Brescia (Franz Kafka) 1909 W
Prester John (John Buchan) 1910 W
Siren Land (Norman Douglas) 1911 W
Fountains in the Sand: Rambles Among the Oases of Tunisia (Norman Douglas) 1912 W
A Small Boy and Others (Henry James) 1913 W
Totem und Tabu: einige übereinstimmungen im Seelenleben der Wilden und der Neurotiker (Sigmund Freud) 1913 W
The Middle Years (Henry James) 1914 W
Notes of a Son and Brother (Henry James) 1914 W
Old Calabria (Norman Douglas) 1915 W
Notes on Language and Style (T. E. Hulme) 1917 W
Within the Rim and Other Essays, 1914-1915 (Henry James) 1918 W
Das Unheimliche (Sigmund Freud) 1919 W
Brief an den Vater (Franz Kafka) 1919 W
Alone (Norman Douglas) 1921 W
The Enormous Room (E. E. Cummings) 1922 W

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