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Gladstone publishes 'The Bulgarian Horrors' and 'The Question of the East' 1876 T Note
Old English Martyrology (Anonymous) 850 W
The Poems of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Anonymous) 937 W
Preface to Genesis (Aelfric) 992 W
Lives of the Saints (Aelfric) 993 W
Letter to Sigeweard (Aelfric) 1005 W
Encomium Emmae Reginum (Anonymous) 1041 W
The Life of King Edward who rests at Westminster (Anonymous) 1066 W
Katherine Group (Anonymous) 1210 W
The Paston Letters (Paston) 1422 W
Letter to Queen Elizabeth (Philip Sidney) 1580 W
The Anatomie of Abuses (Philip Stubbes) 1583 W
The Theater of the Popes Monarchie (Philip Stubbes) 1584 W
Piers Penniless his Supplication to the Devil (Thomas Nashe) 1592 W
The Terrors of the Night (Thomas Nashe) 1593 W
Sundrie Horrible Conspiracies (William Cecil) 1594 W
A Defence of Poetry (Philip Sidney) 1595 W
Discoverie of Guiana (Walter Ralegh) 1596 W
The Essays, or Counsels, Civill and Moral (Francis Bacon) 1597 W
Coryats Crudities (Thomas Coryate) 1611 W

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