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The Anatomy of Melancholy (Robert Burton) 1621 W
Devotions (John Donne) 1624 W
A Dedication to Sir Philip Sidney (Fulke Greville) 1633 W
Apology of an Appeale (Henry Burton) 1636 W
Sessions of the Poets (John Suckling) 1637 W
For God and the King (Henry Burton) 1637 W
Of Reformation in England and the Causes that Hithero Have Hindered it (John Milton) 1641 W
Protestation Protested (Henry Burton) 1641 W
Anti-prelatical tracts (John Milton) 1641 W
Pseudodoxia Epidemica: or, Enquiries into very many Received Tenents And commonly presumed Truths (Thomas Browne) 1646 W
Fragmenta Aurea (John Suckling) 1646 W
Eikon Basilike (John Gauden) 1649 W
Letter to a Friend, upon the Occasion of the Death of his Intimate Friend (Thomas Browne) 1656 W
Gildas Salvianus: The Reformed Pastor (Richard Baxter) 1656 W
Hydriotaphia, or Urne-Buriall (Thomas Browne) 1658 W
The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Anne Wentworth) 1679 W
Englands Spiritual Pill (Anne Wentworth) 1679 W
A Breviate of the Life of Margaret, The Daughter of Francis Charlton, of Apply in Shropshire, Esq., And Wife of Richard Baxter (Richard Baxter) 1681 W
Miscellany Tracts (Thomas Browne) 1683 W
Letters on Toleration (John Locke) 1689 W

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