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Black Mountain Poets 1954 - 1960 T
British Poetry of World War I 1914 - 1925 T
Cavalier Poets 1620 - 1660 T Note
Confessional and Post-confessional Poetry 1950 T
Della Cruscans 1785 - 1828 T Note
Egotistical Sublime 1818 T Note
First poem published in Australia 1804 T Note
First volume of poetry published in Australia 1819 T Note
Free Verse 1905 T Note
Georgian Poetry 1912 - 1925 T
Labouring-Class Poets 1700 - 1900 T
The New York School 1960 T
"Punishment" (Seamus Heaney) 1975 W
“Jenny Kissed Me” (Leigh Hunt) 1838 W
88 Poems (Ernest Hemingway) 1961 W
A Collection of Poems by Several Hands (Robert Dodsley) 1748 W
A Coney Island of the Mind (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) 1958 W
A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle (Hugh MacDiarmid) 1926 W
A Good Time was Had By All (Stevie Smith) 1937 W
A Lume Spento (Ezra Pound) 1908 W

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