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Cavalier Poets 1620 - 1660 T Note
Labouring-Class Poets 1700 - 1900 T
Della Cruscans 1785 - 1828 T Note
First poem published in Australia 1804 T Note
Egotistical Sublime 1818 T Note
First volume of poetry published in Australia 1819 T Note
L'Enrico, overo Bisantio acquistato, poema eroico (Lucrezia Marinella Vacca) 1635 W
Lycidas (John Milton) 1637 W
Poems (Thomas Carew) 1640 W
To Saxham (Thomas Carew) 1640 W
Cooper's Hill (John Denham) 1642 W
Poems (Edmund Waller) 1645 W
Poems, with the Tenth Satire of Juvenal Englished (Henry Vaughan) 1646 W
Noble Numbers (Robert Herrick) 1648 W
Hesperides (Robert Herrick) 1648 W
The Garden (Andrew Marvell) 1648 W
Silex Scintillans: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations (Henry Vaughan) 1650 W
Olor Iscanus, or The Swan of Usk (Henry Vaughan) 1651 W
The Mount of Olives, or Solitary Devotions (Henry Vaughan) 1652 W
Damon the Mower (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W

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