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Free Verse 1905 T Note
Georgian Poetry 1912 - 1925 T
British Poetry of World War I 1914 - 1925 T
Confessional and Post-confessional Poetry 1950 T
Black Mountain Poets 1954 - 1960 T
The New York School 1960 T
Korobeiniki (N. A. Nekrasov) 1861 W
Goblin Market and Other Poems (Christina Rossetti) 1862 W
Modern Love (George Meredith) 1862 W
Enoch Arden Etc. (Alfred Tennyson) 1864 W
Moroz, krasnyi nos (N. A. Nekrasov) 1864 W
Thyrsis (Matthew Arnold) 1865 W
O Captain! My Captain! (Walt Whitman) 1865 W
Komu na Rusi zhit' khorosho? (N. A. Nekrasov) 1866 W
The Life and Death of Jason (William Morris) 1867 W
The Earthly Paradise (William Morris) 1868 W
The Ring and the Book (Robert Browning) 1868 W
The Spanish Gypsy (George Eliot) 1868 W
Arnljot Gelline (Bjørnstjerne Martinus Bjørnson) 1870 W
Love is Enough (William Morris) 1872 W

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