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Shakespeare, William 1564 - 1616 P
Metaphysical Poets 1600 - 1695 T
Cavalier Poets 1620 - 1660 T Note
Labouring-Class Poets 1700 - 1900 T
Della Cruscans 1785 - 1828 T Note
Palice of Honour (Gawin Douglas) 1501 W
The Tretis of the Tua Mariit Wemen and the Wedo (William Dunbar) 1508 W
The Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt (Thomas Wyatt) 1527 W
Mirror for Magistrates (George Ferrers) 1559 W
A Sweet Nosegay, or Pleasant Posy: Containing a Hundred and Ten Philosophical Flowers (Isabella Whitney) 1573 W
The Rewarde of Wickednesse (Richard Robinson) 1574 W
Shepheardes Calender (Edmund Spenser) 1579 W
The Faerie Queene (Edmund Spenser) 1589 W
Poems by John Donne. With elegies on the author's death (John Donne) 1590 W
Astrophil and Stella (Philip Sidney) 1591 W
Ocean to Cynthia (Walter Ralegh) 1591 W
Delia (Samuel Daniel) 1592 W
On The Death of Sir Roger Manwood (Christopher Marlowe) 1592 W
Dedicatory Epistle to Mary Sidney Herbert (Christopher Marlowe) 1592 W
Choice of Valentines (Thomas Nashe) 1592 W

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