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Labouring-Class Poets 1700 - 1900 T
Damon the Mower (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W
The Mower to the Glow-worms (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W
The Mower's Song (Andrew Marvell) 1652 W
Divine Songs and Meditacions (An Collins) 1653 W
The Day of Doom (Michael Wigglesworth) 1662 W
Instructions to a Painter (Edmund Waller) 1665 W
Paradise Lost (John Milton) 1667 W
Samson Agonistes (John Milton) 1671 W
Paradise Regained (John Milton) 1671 W
Mac Flecknoe (John Dryden) 1676 W
Lucida Intervalla (James Carkesse) 1679 W
Absalom and Achitophel (John Dryden) 1681 W
Divine Poems (Edmund Waller) 1685 W
Fables Ancient and Modern (John Dryden) 1700 W
Wine (John Gay) 1708 W
Pastorals (Alexander Pope) 1709 W
The Rape of the Lock (Alexander Pope) 1712 W
The Fan (John Gay) 1713 W
Rural Sports (John Gay) 1713 W

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