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Seatonian Poems (Christopher Smart) 1750 W
Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard (Thomas Gray) 1751 W
Poems on Several Occasions (Christopher Smart) 1752 W
Hymns and Spiritual Songs (John Wesley) 1757 W
Melpomene or The Regions of Terror and Pity An Ode (Robert Dodsley) 1757 W
Jubilate Agno (Christopher Smart) 1758 W
A Song to David (Christopher Smart) 1763 W
Hymns and Spiritual Songs (Christopher Smart) 1763 W
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (Thomas Percy) 1765 W
A Translation of the Psalms of David (Christopher Smart) 1765 W
New Bath Guide (Christopher Anstey) 1766 W
The Rise and Progress of the Present Taste in Planting Parks, Pleasure Grounds and Gardens (Anonymous) 1767 W
The Mysterious Mother (Horace Walpole) 1768 W
Hymns For The Amusement of Children (Christopher Smart) 1771 W
Olney Hymns (William Cowper) 1779 W
The Diverting History of John Gilpin (William Cowper) 1782 W
Poetical Sketches (William Blake) 1783 W
Elegiac Sonnets, and Other Essays (Charlotte Smith) 1784 W
The Task (William Cowper) 1785 W
The Book of Thel (William Blake) 1789 W

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