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The Life and Death of Jason (William Morris) 1867 W
The Earthly Paradise (William Morris) 1868 W
The Ring and the Book (Robert Browning) 1868 W
The Spanish Gypsy (George Eliot) 1868 W
Love is Enough (William Morris) 1872 W
Sigurd the Volsung (William Morris) 1876 W
The Hunting of the Snark (Lewis Carroll) 1876 W
A Pageant and Other Poems (Christina Rossetti) 1881 W
Chants for Socialists (William Morris) 1884 W
Poems by the Way (William Morris) 1891 W
The Complete Poetical Works of T. E. Hulme (T. E. Hulme) 1909 W
Satires of Circumstance (Thomas Hardy) 1914 W
The Soldier (Rupert Brooke) 1915 W
Futility (Wilfred Owen) 1918 W
Strange Meeting (Wilfred Owen) 1918 W
Dulce et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen) 1920 W
Anthem for Doomed Youth (Wilfred Owen) 1920 W
Redimiculum Matellarum (Basil Bunting) 1930 W
In Parenthesis (David Jones) 1937 W
A Good Time was Had By All (Stevie Smith) 1937 W

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