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Juliana (Cynewulf) 900 W
Elene (Cynewulf) 900 W
Waldere (Anonymous) 900 W
The Wanderer (Anonymous) 900 W
The Battle of Brunanburh (Anonymous) 937 W
The Poems of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Anonymous) 937 W
Exeter Book (Anonymous) 940 W
The Seasons for Fasting (Anonymous) 960 W
Daniel (Anonymous) 960 W
The Creation Riddles of the Exeter Book (Anonymous) 960 W
Guthlac (Anonymous) 970 W
The Phoenix (Anonymous) 970 W
The Ruin (Anonymous) 970 W
Wulf and Eadwacer (Anonymous) 970 W
Christ I (Anonymous) 970 W
Christ II (Cynewulf) 970 W
Christ III (Anonymous) 970 W
Guthlac B (Anonymous) 970 W
Resignation (Anonymous) 975 W
Deor (Anonymous) 975 W

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