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Headword Date Article Type
Georgic 50 B.C.E. T Note
Amores (Ovid) 22 B.C.E. W
Ars Amatoria (Ovid) 1 B.C.E. W
Ars Poetica (Horace) 18 B.C.E. W
Bellum civile (Lucan) 61 W
Carmina (Horace) 23 B.C.E. W
De rerum natura (Titus Lucretius) 70 B.C.E. W
Epigrams (Marcus Valerius Martial) 86 W
Epistles I (Horace) 20 B.C.E. W
Epistles II (Horace) 13 B.C.E. W
Epistulae ex Ponto (Ovid) 13 W
Epodes (Horace) 31 B.C.E. W
Fasti (Ovid) 2 B.C.E. W
Ibis (Ovid) 10 W
Metamorphoses (Ovid) 8 W
Punica (Silius Italicus) 81 W
Remedia Amoris (Ovid) 1 B.C.E. W
Satires (Horace) 35 B.C.E. W
Satires (Juvenal) 100 W
Saturae (Gaius Lucilius) 100 B.C.E. W

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