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Headword Date Article Type
Chabon, Michael 1963 - P
Gaiman, Neil 1960 - P
Lee, Stan 1922 - P
Moore, Alan 1953 - P
Ware, Chris 1967 - P
Feminist Detective Fiction 1970 T
Graphic Novel 1975 T
Historiographic Metafiction (USA) 1960 T
Satire and the Academic Novel 1950 T
Superhero Comics 1930 T
Thriller (Noir) 1930 T
“Defender of the Faith” (Philip Roth) 1959 W
“Flight” (John Steinbeck) 1938 W
“The Altar of the Dead” (Henry James) 1895 W
“The Chrysanthemums” (John Steinbeck) 1937 W
“The Harness” (John Steinbeck) 1938 W
“The Murder” (John Steinbeck) 1934 W
“The Real Thing” (Henry James) 1892 W
“The Snake” (John Steinbeck) 1935 W
“The Vigilante” (John Steinbeck) 1936 W

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