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Skaz Narrative 1830 T
Polyphonic Novel 1929 T
Village Prose (Soviet Russian) 1953 - 1991 T
Der Sandmann (E. T. A. Hoffmann) 1816 W
Kater Murr (E. T. A. Hoffmann) 1819 W
Povesti Belkina (Aleksandr Pushkin) 1831 W
Pikovaia dama (Aleksandr Pushkin) 1834 W
Kniazhna Mimi (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1834 W
4338-i god: Peterburgskie pis'ma (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1835 W
Kapitanskaia dochka (Aleksandr Pushkin) 1836 W
Sil'fida (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1837 W
Kniazhna Zizi (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1839 W
Pis'mo IV (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1839 W
Geroi nashego vremeni (Mikhail Lermontov) 1839 W
Kosmorama (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1840 W
Salamandra (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1841 W
Zhivoi mertvets (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1844 W
Russkie nochi (Vladimir Odoevsky) 1844 W
Zapiski okhotnika (Ivan Turgenev) 1852 W
Mumu (Ivan Turgenev) 1854 W

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