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A Clergyman's Daughter (George Orwell) 1937 W
A Dream of John Ball (William Morris) 1888 W
A Handful of Dust (Evelyn Waugh) 1934 W
A Modern Utopia (H. G. Wells) 1905 W
A Murder is Announced (Agatha Christie) 1950 W
A Note in Music (Rosamond Nina Lehmann) 1930 W
A Passage to India (E. M. Forster) 1924 W
A Room with a View (E. M. Forster) 1908 W
A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (Laurence Sterne) 1767 W
A Sicilian Romance (Ann Radcliffe) 1790 W
A Simple Story (Elizabeth Inchbald) 1791 W
A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) 1859 W
Absent in the Spring (Agatha Christie) 1944 W
Ada Reis (Caroline Lamb) 1823 W
Adam Bede (George Eliot) 1859 W
Agnes Grey (Anne Brontë) 1847 W
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) 1865 W
An Eye for An Eye (Anthony Trollope) 1878 W
Anastasius (Thomas Hope) 1819 W
Animal Farm (George Orwell) 1945 W

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