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(Soviet) Socialist Realism 1932 - 1991 T
1066 and All That 1930 T
17th-century French libertinism T
American Feminism: First Wave Women's Movement (USA) 1848 - 1920 T
American Literature of World War One 1914 - 1918 T
American Puritan Writing 1620 - 1750 T
Anglicanism in English Literature T
Anglo-Norman Literature 1066 T
Arzamas 1815 - 1818 T
Austrian-Jewish Literature 1780 T
Boccaccio and the Rise of the Novella in Germany 1360 - 1970 T
British and Irish representations of seaside resorts in tabular form T
British Authors’ Civilian Participation in the First World War T
British Authors’ Military Service in the First World War T
British Political Theatre 1960 T Note
British representations of seaside resorts T
Byron in German Literature 1813 - 1945 T
Chastity in Literature 400 B.C.E. T
Chicana Literature 1960 T
Chinese Literature, 1900 to the present 1900 - 2006 T

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