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Grimke, Sarah Moore 1792 - 1873 P
25,000 textile workers go on strike against the American Woolen Co. of Lawrence, Mass 1912 T Note
A bank panic leads 305 banks to close in September and another 522 in October 1930 T Note
A commercial convention calls for the African slave trade to be reopened 1859 T Note
Alan Shepard launched into space 1961 T Note
Amelia Earhart goes missing 1937 T Note
American Anti-Slavery Society founded 1833 T Note
American Federation of Labor (AFL) formed 1886 T Note
American probe orbits Mars 1971 T Note
American space probe arrives at Mars 1965 T Note
Apollo 11 Moon landing 1969 T Note
Apollo 14 lands on moon 1971 T Note
Apollo 15 lands on moon 1971 T Note
Apollo 16 lands on moon 1972 T Note
Apple Computer Company established 1977 T Note
Atlantic and Pacific linked by the Panama Railroad 1855 T Note
Bank of North America 1781 T Note
Banks closed by Roosevelt 1933 T Note
Berlin Blockade and Airlift 1948 - 1949 T Note
Bland-Allison bill reintroduces silver standard in USA 1878 T Note

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