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Grimke, Sarah Moore 1792 - 1873 P
Vermont becomes the first political unit in the world to abolish slavery 1776 T Note
Jefferson champions the rights of slaves 1778 T Note
Bank of North America 1781 T Note
Slave Quork Walker successfully petitions for his freedom 1781 T Note
Jefferson's Slavery Ban Proposal 1784 T Note
Financial depression in U.S 1784 T Note
Dollar Currency Introduced in US 1787 T Note
The Northwest Ordinance 1787 T Note
First cotton mill in the US opened by Samuel Slater at Pawtucket, R.I 1790 T Note
First Bank of the United States established 1791 T Note
Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin 1793 T Note
Eli Whitney demonstrates the merits of the mass production of interchangeable parts 1801 T Note
First submarine built by Robert Fulton 1801 T Note
First hotel in the U.S. opens in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 1802 T Note
England bans American trade with West Indies 1805 T Note
Fulton's steamboat trip 1807 T Note
US Prohibits import of slaves from Africa 1808 T Note
Slave insurrection in Louisiana 1811 T Note
British Orders-in-Council restricting U.S. trade revoked 1812 T Note

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