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Bank Charter Act 1844 T Note
Bank Charter Act 1833 T Note
Bank of England founded 1694 T
Bank of England loan subscribed in 4 hours 1709 T Note
Banking Crisis and the Restriction Act 1797 T Note
British budget removes export duties and reduces import tariffs 1845 T Note
Bullion Report 1810 T Note
Currency Reform in England 1560 T Note
English Currency Restored 1696 T Note
Financial Revolution 1688 - 1750 T
Goschen reduces interest on Britain's national debt 1888 T Note
Harcourt introduces death duties in budget 1894 T Note
Henry Howard, Earl of Nottingham, becomes first lord of the Treasury 1612 T Note
James I accepts the terms of the Great Contract 1610 T Note
James I begins to sell peerages 1616 T Note
John Law's Edict 1720 T Note
Restriction Act suspends specie payment by banks until one year after the end of the war. 1797 T Note
Resumption of convertibility of bank notes into gold 1821 T Note
Rise of Insurance Business, 1696-1815 1696 - 1815 T
Robert Walpole takes control of finance and the economy 1715 T Note

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