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Wilberforce, William 1759 - 1833 P
Somerset Case - slaves cannot be compelled to leave England against their will 1772 T
Manchester anti-slave trade petition 1787 T Note
Slave asylum founded on British settlement 1788 T Note
Spain agrees to end slave trade 1817 T Note
British Anti-Slavery Society founded 1823 T Note
Act limiting working hours for children 1825 T Note
Grand General Union of Cotton Spinners 1829 T Note
National Union of the Working Classes 1831 T Note
Committee on Child Labour 1832 - 1833 T Note
Grand National Consolidated Trades Union founded 1833 - 1834 T Note
Tolpuddle Martyrs 1834 T Note
Legal minimum wage recommended by Maxwell Commission 1835 T Note
London Working Men's Association founded 1836 T Note
Jamaican Constitution is suspended after riots 1839 T Note
Edwin Chadwick's report on The Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population 1842 T Note
Preston mill-workers’ strike 1847 - 1848 T Note
Formation of Trades Union Congress 1868 T Note
British Act of Parliament for legalising trade unions 1871 T Note
Strike of agricultural workers in eastern England 1874 T Note

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