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England signs a further commercial treaty with the Empire 1520 T Note
A crisis in the wool trade leads to riots in Kent 1528 T Note
Hanseatic League loses its privileges in England 1552 T Note
Slavery, Slave Trade, The Triangular Trade 1562 T
The English Merchants Adventurers Company leave Antwerp for Emden 1563 T Note
New royal charter for the English Merchants Adventurers Company 1564 T Note
John Hawkins introduces tobacco to Britain 1565 T Note
Elizabeth I's seizure of Spanish treasure ships severs commerce 1568 T Note
Netherlands enforce an embargo on English trade 1571 T Note
England signs a commercial treaty with Turkey 1580 T Note
English shipping in Spanish ports is confiscated 1585 T Note
The Lisbon spice market is closed to Dutch and English merchants 1594 T Note
English merchants are expelled from the Empire 1597 T Note
The London headquarters of the Hanseatic League is closed 1598 T Note
James Lancaster leads the first East India Company voyage from London 1601 T Note
English Merchants Adventurers' Company confirmed by Rudolf II 1607 T Note
Persian ambassador negotiates a commercial treaty with England 1611 T Note
New monopoly of Merchants Adventurers for the export of English cloth 1615 T Note
The Stock Exchange 1620 T
Russia abolishes privileges of English traders 1649 T Note

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