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A new charter is granted to the old East India Company 1693 T Note
Abolition of slave trade in the British Empire; prohibition of slave imports to USA 1807 T Note
All Baltic trade with France prohibited 1793 T Note
Anglo-Spanish commercial treaty 1716 - 1716 T Note
Britain ends restrictions on Irish trade 1779 T Note
British East India and New East India Companies are merged 1708 T Note
British Orders-in-Council restricting U.S. trade revoked 1812 T Note
Commercial treaty between Britain and Dutch 1716 T Note
Commercial treaty between Britain and Spain 1715 T Note
Emperor Charles VI agrees to suspend the Austrian East India Company 1727 - 1727 T Note
England bans American trade with West Indies 1805 T Note
House of Commons votes on the abolition of the slave trade 1791 T Note
Ireland granted free trade with Britain 1780 T Note
John Law's Mississippi Company is given a monopoly of trade with Louisiana 1717 T Note
Methuen Treaty between England and Portugal 1703 - 1703 T Note
New monopoly of Merchants Adventurers for the export of English cloth 1615 T Note
Russia abolishes privileges of English traders 1649 T Note
Spain agrees to cede Gibraltar and Minorca to Britain 1713 - 1713 T Note
Spanish guarda-costas mutilate British captain 1731 T Note
The Africa trade is opened to all English subjects 1698 T Note

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