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England bans American trade with West Indies 1805 T Note
US Prohibits import of slaves from Africa 1808 T Note
British Orders-in-Council restricting U.S. trade revoked 1812 T Note
Restoration of trade between USA and Europe: strong cotton exports 1815 T Note
The compromise tariff of 1833 1833 T Note
US slave ship Creole is taken over by slaves 1841 T Note
New Whig Tariff in USA replaces Compromise Tariff 1842 T Note
France, Britain, US and Belgium given equal trading rights by China 1845 T Note
US Commodore James Biddle is refused trading facilities in Japan 1846 T Note
The slave trade is forbidden in the District of Columbia 1850 T Note
First oil well in U.S. 1859 T Note
Oil found at Titusville, Pa., by Edwin L. Drake 1859 T Note
Jefferson Davis introduces Resolutions in favour of slave trade 1860 T Note
Japan concludes tariff convention with Britain, France, Holland and USA 1866 T Note
John D. Rockefeller forms Standard Oil of Ohio 1870 T Note
USA secures trading rights in Korea 1882 T Note
Canadian Liberals urge reciprocity with USA after McKinley tariff 1890 T Note
Wilson-Gorman tariff 1894 T Note
Nelson Dingley's tariff increases US protection 1897 T Note
U.S. acquires French Panama Canal co. property 1904 T Note

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