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Bridgewater Canal opens 1761 T Note
Canal mania in the Midlands 1792 T Note
Embargo placed on British vessels in Russian ports 1800 T Note
Embargo on vessels of Armed Neutrality of the North 1801 T Note
Embargo on British vessels in Danish ports 1801 T Note
Britain places embargo on French and Dutch ships 1803 T Note
Stephenson's Rocket 1814 T Note
First Railway - Stockton and Darlington 1825 T Note
William Huskisson killed by train at opening of Liverpool-Manchester Railway 1830 T Note
London to Edinburgh in 2 days by coach 1832 T Note
Great Western Railway is begun 1833 T Note
First Train to London 1836 T Note
Railway Mania 1836 - 1847 T
First transatlantic crossing by steamship 1838 T Note
I K Brunel's steamship is launched 1838 T Note
Kirkpatrick Macmillan invents the bicycle 1839 T Note
Thomas Cook organises his first excursion 1841 T Note
Britain adopts a standard railway gauge 1846 T Note
French agree to finance Jibouti-Addis Ababa railway 1902 T Note
Britain and France refuse to support Baghdad Railway 1903 T Note

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