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Accession of Ferdinand II of Naples 1830 T Note
Agostino Depretis forms ministry of the Left in Italy 1876 T Note
Alfonso II succeeds to the throne of Naples 1494 T Note
Benito Mussolini seizes power in Italy 1922 T Note
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor 800 T
Charles AIbert of Sardinia abdicates in favour of Victor Emmanuel II 1849 T Note
Charles Albert of Piedmont dismisses reactionary ministers 1847 T Note
Charles Emmanuel of Sardinia forced to abdicate 1798 T Note
Charles VIII is crowned King of Naples 1495 T Note
Cosimo de' Medici resigns the government of Tuscany to his son 1564 T Note
Crispi's ministry falls in Italy after failure of Ethiopian War 1896 T Note
Death of Victor Emmanuel 1878 T Note
Ferdinand I (IV) of Naples dies 1825 T Note
Florence reverts to a republic as the Medici are expelled 1527 T Note
Frederick III succeeds as King of Naples 1496 T Note
Garibaldi proclaims Victor Emmanuel King of Italy 1860 T Note
Giolitti's Italian ministry falls through bank scandals 1893 T Note
Italian coalition formed under Paolo Boselli 1916 T Note
Italy becomes a one-party state 1926 T Note
Italy becomes a republic 1946 T Note

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