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Amadeus, Duke of Aosta, elected King of Spain 1870 T Note
Death of Ferdinand VII of Spain 1833 T Note
Ferdinand VI becomes King of Spain 1746 T Note
Ferdinand VI of Spain dies 1759 T Note
France learns that Leopold of Hohenzollern has accepted Spanish throne 1870 T Note
Isabella of Spain abdicates in Paris in favour of Alfonso XII 1870 T Note
Joseph Bonaparte made king of Spain 1808 T Note
King Joseph I of Spain dies 1711 T Note
Luis I of Spain dies and Philip V returns as King 1724 T Note
Philip V of Spain abdicates during a fit of religious mania 1724 T Note
Queen Isabella of Spain is declared deposed 1868 T Note
Spanish military coup: Marshal Serrano regains power 1874 T Note
Spanish monarchy is restored 1870 T Note

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