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'Ministry of all the Talents' falls 1807 T Note
Arthur Balfour becomes Prime Minister 1902 - 1905 T Note
Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister for the second time 1874 - 1880 T Note
Britain's 'Khaki' election: Conservatives retain power 1900 T Note
British cabinet changes 1911 T Note
British general election 1910 T Note
British general election confirms Lord Salisbury's majority 1895 T Note
British general election gives Irish Home-Rulers the balance of power 1885 T Note
British general election produces a hung parliament 1892 T Note
Charles II proclaimed King in Edinburgh 1649 T Note
Churchill resigns as Prime Minister 1955 T Note
Conservatives win British general election 1886 T Note
Conservatives win by 76 seats in the General election 1841 T Note
Coronation of George IV 1821 T Note
Daniel O'Connell is elected to the House of Commons 1828 T Note
Death of Elizabeth I 1603 T Note
Death of James I and VI 1625 T Note
Death of John Pym 1643 T Note
Death of Prince Albert 1861 T Note
Death of Prince Henry 1612 T Note

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