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Death of John Pym 1643 T Note
First period of the Commonwealth of England 1649 - 1653 T Note
Charles II proclaimed King in Edinburgh 1649 T Note
Parliament abolishes the Monarchy 1649 T Note
England proclaimed as a Commonwealth 1649 T Note
Parliament decides to incorporate Scotland into a single Commonwealth with England 1651 T Note
Ordinance for the Union of England with Scotland and Ireland 1654 T Note
First Protectorate Parliament assembles 1654 T Note
Protectorate of Richard Cromwell 1658 - 1659 T Note
Scots crown Charles II 1660 - 1685 T Note
Long Parliament of 1640 restored 1660 T Note
Long Parliament dissolves itself and calls for an election 1660 T Note
Reign of King James II 1685 - 1688 T
The Glorious Revolution 1688 - 1689 T
Reign of King William III 1689 - 1702 T
Reign of Queen Mary II 1689 - 1694 T Note
Queen Mary dies 1694 T Note
Succession to the English throne passes to the Electress Sophia 1700 T Note
Reign of Queen Anne 1702 - 1714 T
Queen Anne dismisses Godolphin 1710 T Note

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