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Arthur Balfour becomes Prime Minister 1902 - 1905 T Note
Britain's 'Khaki' election: Conservatives retain power 1900 T Note
British cabinet changes 1911 T Note
British general election 1910 T Note
British general election confirms Lord Salisbury's majority 1895 T Note
British general election gives Irish Home-Rulers the balance of power 1885 T Note
British general election produces a hung parliament 1892 T Note
Churchill resigns as Prime Minister 1955 T Note
Conservatives win British general election 1886 T Note
German territories divided 1920 T Note
Gladstone becomes Prime Minister for the third time 1886 - 1886 T Note
H. H. Asquith again appeals to electorate 1910 T Note
H. H. Asquith forms Coalition 1915 T Note
Henry Campbell-Bannerman forms Liberal ministry 1905 T Note
India achieves partial self-government 1937 T Note
Liberal landslide in British general election 1906 - 1906 T Note
Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister 1979 - 1990 T
Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister 1937 - 1940 T Note
Parnell calls on the Irish in Britain to vote Conservative 1885 T Note
Reign of King Edward VII 1901 - 1910 T

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