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Reign of Louis XV of France 1715 - 1774 T
Baron Theodore of Neuhofis elected King of Corsica 1736 T Note
Reign of Louis XVI of France 1774 - 1793 T
Parlement of Paris deprived of rights 1788 T Note
Girondins form ministry in France 1792 T Note
Fall of the Girondins in France 1793 T Note
Coup of 18 Fructidor, year V, in Paris 1797 T Note
Charles Emmanuel of Sardinia forced to abdicate 1798 T Note
Coup d’etat of 30 Prairal in Paris 1799 T Note
Napoleon Bonaparte seizes power 1799 T Note
Napoleon proclaimed King of Italy 1805 T Note
Joseph Bonaparte made king of Spain 1808 T Note
Napoleon abdicates; restoration of Louis XVIII 1814 T Note
Reign of Louis XVIII of France 1814 - 1824 T Note
Napoleon’s Hundred Days 1815 - 1815 T Note
New electoral law introduced in France 1817 T Note
Ultra-conservative Jean VilleIe succeeds Richelieu in France 1821 T Note
Reign of Charles X of France 1824 - 1830 T Note
Ultra-Conservatives are defeated by Liberal opposition in French elections 1827 - 1827 T Note
Dismissal of Vicomte de Martignac in France 1829 T Note

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