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A new Senate and Chamber are elected in France 1876 T Note
Abdication of Charles X 1830 T Note
Baron Theodore of Neuhofis elected King of Corsica 1736 T Note
Belgians elect French Duc de Nemours as their king 1831 T Note
Boulanger begins campaign for revision of constitution 1888 T Note
Charles Emmanuel of Sardinia forced to abdicate 1798 T Note
Charles X of France dissolves Chambers and calls for elections 1830 T Note
Clément Fallières elected President of France 1906 T Note
Coup d’etat of 30 Prairal in Paris 1799 T Note
Coup of 18 Fructidor, year V, in Paris 1797 T Note
Dismissal of Vicomte de Martignac in France 1829 T Note
Duc de Broglie's ministry forced to resign 1877 T Note
Elections for French Chamber 1912 T Note
Emile Loubet is elected President of France 1899 T Note
Fall of Jules Ferry's ministry in France 1885 T Note
Fall of the Girondins in France 1793 T Note
Felix Faure becomes French president 1895 T Note
Felix Meline forms progressive ministry in France 1896 T Note
France learns that Leopold of Hohenzollern has accepted Spanish throne 1870 T Note
French National Assembly voted in by universal male suffrage 1848 T Note

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