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Death of Pepin II of Herstal, prince of the Franks 714 T Note
Charles Martel dies 741 T Note
Pepin III becomes the sole ruler of the Franks as Mayor of the Palace 747 T Note
Pepin the Short becomes King of the Franks; founding of Carolingian dynasty 751 T Note
Death of Pipin III and ascent to the throne of Charles the Great (Charlemagne) 768 T Note
Charlemagne becomes the sole ruler of the Frankish empire 771 - 814 T Note
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor 800 T
Lothair I dies after partitioning his lands 855 T Note
French Capetian dynasty founded 987 - 1328 T Note
Reign of William the Conqueror 1066 - 1100 T Note
Reign of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine 1137 - 1204 T Note
Louis XII, Duke of Orleans succeeds as King of France 1498 T Note
Pope Alexander VI declares Louis XII King of Naples 1501 T Note
Julius II deposes the Duke of Bologna with French help 1506 T Note
Francis I succeeds to throne of France 1515 T Note
Charles I and Francis I campaign to become Holy Roman Emperor 1519 - 1519 T Note
Henry II succeeds as King of France 1547 T Note
Francis II succeeds to throne of France 1559 T Note
Henry III succeeds as King of France 1574 T Note
Protestant Henry of Navarre becomes heir of France 1584 T Note

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