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Kotzebue, August von 1761 - 1819 P
Griboedov , Aleksandr 1795 - 1829 P
Queiroz, José Maria de Eça de 1845 - 1900 P
Casement, Roger 1864 - 1916 P
Claudel, Paul 1868 - 1955 P
Mistral, Gabriela 1889 - 1957 P
Carr, Edward Hallett 1892 - 1982 P
Britain claims reparation from Spain 1699 T Note
Louis XIV recognises James II's son as king on his father's death 1701 T Note
New Jersey is reunited as Royal Province 1702 T Note
Savoy joins the Grand Alliance 1703 T Note
Louis XIV tries to negotiate for peace 1706 T Note
The Hague Conference for peace negotiations is opened 1709 T Note
Louis XIV appeals to French nation to reject humiliating peace proposals 1709 T Note
Peace negotiations for Europe are opened at Gertruydenberg 1710 T Note
Philip V of Spain marries Elizabeth Farnese 1714 T Note
Tsar Peter's second visit to Western Europe 1716 T Note
Swedish Ambassador in London is arrested on suspicion of Jacobitism 1717 T Note
James III the Pretender is forced to leave France 1717 T Note
Peter the Great stays in Paris 1717 T Note

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