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Austria revokes 1855 Concordat with Papacy 1870 T Note
Dispute between Louis XIV and Pope 1687 T Note
Ferdinand VI of Spain makes a Concordat with the Pope 1753 T Note
France, Spain and England refuse the Pope's offer of peace negotiations 1524 T Note
Francis I and Pope Clement VII meet at Marseilles 1533 T Note
Henry IV of France mediates between Pope Paul V and the Venetians 1607 T Note
Henry VIII tries to persuade the Pope to hasten his divorce proceedings 1528 T Note
James III the Pretender is forced to leave France 1717 T Note
Julius II gives Naples to Ferdinand of Spain to keep his allegiance 1510 T Note
Louis XIV restores Avignon to the Pope 1690 T Note
Papal arbitration settles Germany's dispute with Spain over the Carolines 1885 T Note
Pius IX disassociates himself from Italian National Movement 1848 T Note
Pole assumes the functions of Papal Legate in England 1556 T Note
Pope Clement VII threatens Henry VIII with excommunication 1532 T Note
Pope Clement VIII recognises Henry IV as King of France 1595 T Note
Pope Julius II abandons the League of Cambrai 1510 T Note
Pope Julius II leaves the League of Cambrai 1510 T Note
Pope Paul V places Venice under an interdict 1606 T Note
Pope Pius V signs a league with Spain and Venice against the Turks 1571 T Note
Pope Pius VI visits Vienna 1782 T Note

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