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Pope Paul V places Venice under an interdict 1606 T Note
Henry IV of France mediates between Pope Paul V and the Venetians 1607 T Note
League of Rivoli formed 1635 T Note
France and the Emperor agree to a future partition of the Spanish Empire 1668 T Note
Duke of York contracts to marry Maria d'Este of Modena 1673 T Note
Holy League of Linz against the Turks 1684 T Note
Savoy formally joins the Grand Alliance against France 1690 T Note
Savoy joins the Grand Alliance 1703 T Note
Philip V of Spain marries Elizabeth Farnese 1714 T Note
League of Turin formed against the Emperor 1733 T Note
Charles Emanuel of Sardinia rejects alliance with France and Spain 1742 T Note
Charles Emanuel of Sardinia moves to support Austria 1746 T Note
Prusso-Swedish Alliance of Stockholm for mutual defence 1747 T Note
Secret defence pact between Austria, Britain and the Duchy of Modena 1753 T Note
Congress of Laibach 1821 - 1821 T Note
Austria agrees to send an army into Naples to suppress revolt 1821 T Note
Congress of Verona opens to discuss European problems 1822 T Note
Pius IX disassociates himself from Italian National Movement 1848 T Note
Formal union of Venice, Sardinia and Lombardy 1848 T Note
Piedmont joins allies against Russia 1855 T Note

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