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Carr, Edward Hallett 1892 - 1982 P
Russia breaks relations with Britain 1807 T Note
Wellesley resigns as foreign secretary 1812 T Note
Congress of Laibach 1821 - 1821 T Note
Congress of Verona opens to discuss European problems 1822 T Note
French plan for intervention in Spain is tentatively accepted at Verona 1822 T Note
Congress of Verona ends 1822 T Note
Canning recognises independence of Buenos Aires, Mexico and Colombia 1824 T Note
Greeks propose to place themselves under British protection 1825 T Note
Russia, France and Britain urge Ottomans to call a truce 1827 T Note
Turkish Manifesto rejects allied Note for truce with Greece 1827 T Note
Sultan rejects Russian, French and British demand for truce 1827 T Note
Sultan Mahmud II rejects right of allies to mediate in war with Greece 1827 T Note
London Protocol aims to secure Greek independence 1828 T Note
London Protocol recognises Greek independence 1828 T Note
London Protocol extended to Continental Greece and Euboea 1829 T Note
International London Conference agree to Belgian separation from Holland 1830 T Note
Britain, France, Spain and Portugal ally in support of liberal constitutions 1834 T Note
'Lichfield House Compact' allies Daniel O'Connell with Whig opposition 1835 T Note
Note from the Powers to the Sultan of Turkey 1839 T Note

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