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Bernadino de Mendoza arrives in England as Spanish ambassador 1574 T Note
Britain secures the neutrality of Russia 1742 T Note
Charles I agrees to subsidise Christian IV of Denmark 1625 T Note
Charles I offers some concessions 1648 T Note
Charles II announces an alliance with the Dutch against France 1677 T Note
Charles II marries Catherine de Braganza 1662 T Note
Charles II's Declaration for Settling Affairs of Ireland 1660 T Note
Charles offers the Scots an unacceptable deal 1646 T Note
Congress of Cambrai: France and England agree to support Spain 1724 T Note
Count of Gondomar becomes the new Spanish ambassador to England 1613 T Note
Duke of York contracts to marry Maria d'Este of Modena 1673 T Note
Elizabeth I aids the Scottish Lords of the Congregation against France 1559 T Note
Elizabeth I offers to mediate between Don John of Austria and the Dutch 1578 T Note
Elizabeth I takes the Netherlands under her protection 1585 T Note
Elizabeth I's seizure of Spanish treasure ships severs commerce 1568 T Note
English fleet aids the Huguenot defence of La Rochelle 1627 T Note
English Parliament rejects Charles I's offer of further concessions 1648 T Note
Franco-British dual control in Egypt is suspended 1878 T Note
Franco-British dual control of Egypt established 1882 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden encourages James I to join the Thirty Years War 1624 T Note

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