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Protector Somerset tries to bargain with France over Edward VI's marriage 1549 T Note
Queen Mary I marries Philip of Spain 1554 T Note
Pole assumes the functions of Papal Legate in England 1556 T Note
Philip II returns briefly to England to gain aid for war with France 1557 T Note
Elizabeth I aids the Scottish Lords of the Congregation against France 1559 T Note
Elizabeth I's seizure of Spanish treasure ships severs commerce 1568 T Note
Negotiations for marriage between Elizabeth I and Henry Duke of Anjou 1571 T Note
Bernadino de Mendoza arrives in England as Spanish ambassador 1574 T Note
Elizabeth I offers to mediate between Don John of Austria and the Dutch 1578 T Note
Spanish ambassador is expelled for complicity in the Throgmorton Plot 1584 T Note
Elizabeth I takes the Netherlands under her protection 1585 T Note
Spanish ambassador gains papal aid for an Armada against England 1586 T Note
United Provinces sign a twelve-year alliance with England and France 1609 T Note
James I negotiates marriage of his daughter to the Elector Palatine 1611 T Note
Marriage proposed between Henry Prince of Wales and the Infanta 1611 T Note
Persian ambassador negotiates a commercial treaty with England 1611 T Note
James I negotiates for his daughter Elizabeth to marry the Elector Palatine 1612 T Note
Philip III of Spain seeks marriage with Princess Elizabeth 1612 T Note
The Elector Palatine, Frederick V, arrives in England 1612 T Note
Count of Gondomar becomes the new Spanish ambassador to England 1613 T Note

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