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Claudel, Paul 1868 - 1955 P
Gary, Romain 1914 - 1980 P
Francis I of France marries Eleanor of Portugal 1530 T Note
Francis I and Pope Clement VII meet at Marseilles 1533 T Note
James V of Scotland arrives in France 1536 T Note
James V of Scotland marries Madeleine, daughter of Francis I 1537 T Note
James V of Scotland marries Mary of Guise 1538 T Note
Charles V meets Francis I at Loches 1539 T Note
Francis I and Charles V enter Paris 1540 T Note
Francis I negotiates with Suleiman I, Sultan of Turkey 1541 T Note
Francis I proposes a meeting with Henry VIII and James V 1542 T Note
Charles V manipulates the Duke of Cleves 1543 T Note
Protector Somerset tries to bargain with France over Edward VI's marriage 1549 T Note
New defensive Konigsberg league tries to gain French support 1550 T Note
Ottavio Farnese of Parma seeks French help against Milan 1550 T Note
Philip II returns briefly to England to gain aid for war with France 1557 T Note
Elizabeth I aids the Scottish Lords of the Congregation against France 1559 T Note
Catherine de' Medici pays Duke of Savoy to keep French garrisons 1562 T Note
Negotiations for marriage between Elizabeth I and Henry Duke of Anjou 1571 T Note
The Duke of Anjou forces Henry III to release the Duke of Montmorency 1575 T Note

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