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Claudel, Paul 1868 - 1955 P
Gary, Romain 1914 - 1980 P
Henry IV of France mediates between Pope Paul V and the Venetians 1607 T Note
United Provinces sign a twelve-year alliance with England and France 1609 T Note
Henry IV of France signs an alliance with the German Protestant Union 1610 T Note
Marriage proposed between Henry Prince of Wales and the Infanta 1611 T Note
Marriage treaties are signed between France and Spain 1612 T Note
Exchange of Bourbon and Habsburg brides at Burgos 1615 T Note
English fleet aids the Huguenot defence of La Rochelle 1627 T Note
Richelieu tries to unite Sweden and Catholic League against the Habsburgs 1629 T Note
Duke of Savoy signs Treaty of Susa 1629 T Note
Richelieu tries to persuade German rulers to urge Wallenstein's dismissal 1630 T Note
League of Heilbronn 1633 T Note
Richelieu arranges a secret subsidy to Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar 1634 T Note
League of Rivoli formed 1635 T Note
A French army is sent to aid Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange 1635 T Note
'The Directors' of the Bernardine Army swear fidelity to France 1639 T Note
French envoys arrive at the Congress of Münster 1644 T Note
Condé signs alliances with Philip of Spain and the Duke of Lorraine 1652 T Note
Alliance of Brandenburg and France 1656 T Note

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